Insurgency Review

One of the best FPS games of the Year - Insurgency complete Review

Half-life 2, a game that almost every PC gamer is close to your heart. From this masterpiece are many mods gushed forth, including Insurgency. Seven years after the mod, brings New World Interactive via Steam from the new, improved and perfect version. Insurgency is a tactical first person shooter, a genre that has become so popular, that in the meantime this shooter games nowadays as weeds from the ground shooting. There are a lot of bad in between, but the Insurgency is what you are looking for that one little flower in that bunch of weeds.

Value for the team

The "Security vs Terrorists" and the Arabic design of the maps is nothing unique. The graphic style of the game is dated, but those little problems melt like snow in the Sun when you Insurgency begins to play. Just like in real life, you can collect a warehouse in Insurgency not bullets for you then eventually dies. One or two shots is enough in most cases. This realism and the different classes that you can choose, provide in-depth gunfights, where teamwork is crucial. Like a headless chicken running around and trying to get down as many enemies as possible, will be fatal for both yourself as your team. By the wide variety of classes, each individual's value to the team.

Enthusiastic team play

The realism is increased even further by the absence of a minimap or radar, only lenses and the number of warehouses that you have at your disposal, are visible. Friendly fire is on, so you have no idea or you will be shot at by the enemy or by a little too enthusiastic teammate. The whole interface is stripped to just and only the much needed. The realism in the Insurgency creates tension and feel that danger lurks around every corner.

That seems to me to be careful in Insurgency, meanwhile, clearly, but it doesn't end there. The Tactical Operations modes in Insurgency use ' permanent death '. That means that if you die, you effectively does not come back and have to wait on the sidelines until your team an objective conquers or destroys. The Sustained Combat modes are slightly smoother with the reinforcements you get. There are more ways to get reinforcements.

Insurgency uses a unique squad-system. You can choose from a number of classes, each of which can choose from other weapons and explosives. By snipers and rocket launchers and shotguns to C4, everything is there. You can customize everything in your ' loadout ', but but up to a certain weight limit. This allows for extensive customization, whereby you can equip your soldier to your preference.

Minor Flaws

Insurgency is a game with enormous potential. The graphic side of the story leave some to be desired and there are still some glitches here and there, but that is New World Interactive instantly forgiven. They bring with the Insurgency a topper on the market, that excels in teamwork and intense firefights. I hope for the future on more of this and I'm already looking forward to it enormously.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout Review

Modern Combat 5 Complete Analysis 

Modern Combat 5 Blackout Review

Furthermore, each mission can be carried out with the class you want, for example the sniper or the soldier. They are all their own weapons and their ways of operating. For to discover you, each area has specific missions. You can also participate in "special operations" that will give you access to areas you have already visited, where the objective will be to kill a certain number of enemies, not to mention the three stars which are in fact secondary quests.

Some will ask you to perform three shots in the head, others to the multi-frags (with a grenade, for example). This gives the game a good replayability, especially because it has the multi mode which is at the heart of any strategy of Modern Combat 5: Blackout. If solo is not enough, your exploits in this mode will allow you to have access to a character already strong enough to overcome the less experienced players.

Modern Combat 5 Hacks , Tricks and Cheats

This is the start of a new era with lots of tools and cheats just around the corner. Some websites like are sharing them for free. There are therefore several game modes that also reward players by XP, of weapons, but also to the PC. These skill points considerably improves the character you control. Five modes are available. There are the classics, like the free-for-all or the capture of flag, and some others that are the most fun, like the one where you must kill the VIP of the opposing team. But the whole point of the multi lies in the clan that will create or join. If this requires a few friends, or if any good players, we can participate in battles between clans that actually allow to show his skill. Given the good community that had Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, one can hope that it be the same with this sequel. And if you can't find a clan, just do the fighting group, but it doesn't necessarily have the same fun.

The maps are in any large and lead to several different tactics depending on your choice of game. Difficult anyway to expect less this side here: Modern Combat 5: Blackout made it clear the job. Note, however, that controls settings are not the same (no or little auto-aim, nor non-automatic cover), and therefore require an additional learning.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Zombie Mode Hack

Get the latest hack for the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Zombie Mode

Call of duty: Advanced warfare - rumors to zombie co-op. According to current media reports, it should be on the controller from the Xbox one bundle call of duty: Advanced warfare To give evidence of a zombie co-op mode. Check the Advanced Warfare Zombie Hack Tool from the official website.

According to current media reports, it should be on the controller from the Xbox one bundle call of duty: Advanced warfare To give evidence of a zombie co-op mode.

That there is also still a co-op mode in addition to the single player campaign and the classic competitive multiplayer part has now almost tradition in the offshoots of shooter series call of duty. It should therefore probably, in terms of on the one or the other suggestion of the competent Entwicklestudios sledgehammer games, probably out of the question are, that it also in call of duty: Advanced warfare is To give such an option. Only and alone: Much is known to do this so far Not yet.

All people he should To give now but notes on the upcoming game mode in held-the design of call of duty controller of the next Xbox one bundle according to a report by On the a kind bar list is in addition to the right analog stick, as it was also in the zombie co-op game modes from world at, black OPS 2 to use OPS and black. Possibly could that indicate a return of the zombie mode in call of duty: Advanced warfare be.

However, it probably also assume might be that sledgehammer games is choose a slightly modified or even entirely own approach in terms of co-op game mode. Also Infinity Ward was last raised by the theme of alien invasion in call of duty: ghosts of zombie theme of the third CoD developer Treyarch off.

A fuzzy screenshot published via - is the only hint that the development team but so far has been on the own co-op, and it looks less zombies and more Mechs.

On the official website of the Activision store were the system requirements of the shooter call of duty: Advanced warfare briefly published. These correspond exactly call of duty: ghosts, the information has been removed again.

The Publisher Activision seems - accidentally - the system requirements of the shooter call of duty: to have advanced warfare released.

As reported by the website Kotaku, the requirements of title could be read on the official shop of the publishers.
Surprising here: The first pure next-gen title of the shooter mark call of duty has the exact same demands on the hardware, like its predecessor, call of duty: ghosts. Meanwhile, the entry was removed, apparently, the information was not intended for the public, still correct.

In the past week, the sledgehammer games Development Studio has a first play test of the multiplayer part of its upcoming shooter call of duty: Advanced warfare held. A few a few selected community members were allowed to take part.

Studio co-founder Michael Condrey has now published a screenshot taken during the test matches via, from which A few details about the multiplayer part of the game can be read off. So, the two groups of Atlas and Sentinel meet there apparently. While the Atlas Group is already known under the direction of a villain from the single-player campaign embodied by Kevin Spacey as private security and military companies, so far Not yet really is, what it will be when the Sentinels.

It is also the post match result screen image indicates that the play mode capture will celebrate the flag of his return. In call of duty: The CTF mode replaced ghosts still Flash. Play is expected to into two teams of six members each.

Call of duty: Advanced warfare will be released on November 4, 2014 for the PC, the Xbox one, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Hacks

Download the new Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Hack for free!

Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Hacks

The real novelty of this album in terms of playability concerns keystrokes and the ball in general physics. Finished the sensations of beach ball, now the leather ball is heavier, and it feels directly when you shoot at the goal, either the head or the foot. The strikes have more fishing and are likely to leave as a Cannonball when your timing is perfect. Enjoyable!

So that the ball takes off, it also should not hesitate to press the key to shooting and especially well to place your player to prevent the ball joined the forums... or failing miserably at the foot of the photographers behind the goals. Strikes by far and free kicks are opportunities to see the balloons float less and can fall heavily, still a point that should delight players run to the manual control system and request permanent ever-deeper simulation. This is a powerful tool that will enable you to generate coins and points for free.

FIFA 14 menus have undergone a complete overhaul, and it was high time. Finished the scrolling bar, now all modes and options is accessible by a system of blocks much more convenient, intuitive and pleasing to the eye. We will most certainly lose, but big black point of this next-gen episode comes from the disappearance of many game modes, a point to which we will return at the end of test. One can find everything from even some of those who have made the title Fame:

Career (player or manager), seasons, Ultimate Team, Club pro, technical games, and of course the classic matches, local game or online. One new game mode made its appearance this year, it's "season coop" which incorporates the original principle of the season mode, but playing this time in cooperation with a friend. Although nothing new on this side so. However, the two largest existing game modes were treated to a number of fairly extensive changes which here is the outline.

The career mode first, in addition to a new skin (visually) now has a new recruitment system that pushes the realism a little more away. Like a Football Manager, you must now oversee a player before you hope to know its general level and think about his recruitment. A nice addition that makes this mode more realistic than in the past, especially that to detect quality players, need you recruiters at the level to be hired for a few million euros. Quality, it pays!

Another mode that appeared here last year, technical games also had right to recast: the principle is always the same, pass a series of tests on four levels (bronze, silver, gold then the ultimate level in manual) with aims to improve your control. On the other hand, much of the proposed workshops have been modified to offer different paths, a significant effort which brings some variety at the time of loading of pre-match.

Star Wars Commander for IOS Review

The new Star Wars Commander Was just released!

Star Wars Commander for IOS Review

Star Wars: Commander is yesterday launched for iPhone and iPad. In the future will be even more platforms follow. The game seems the principle of Clash of Clans to handle, where players build a base and then supplement the base of other players while they defend their own base. The game is free-to-play, but obviously there are mictrotransacties of the party to certain things to let go forward faster.

The game is set during the Galactic Civil War of the original trilogy and well-known characters like Han Solo, Chewbacca and Star Father regularly to lend a hand, or to cross trees, depending on the party for which you struggle. In the beginning of the game you are still neutral, but soon you will have to make a choice.

A new Star Wars game is available on the App Store. You can find some Star Wars Commander IOs Hacks for the game. Star Wars: Order (link App Store - free - iPhone/iPad) is a real-time strategy game where players will have to carry on fighting with their favorite hero. This title was released in June in Australia, it is only proposed starting today all over the world.

To succeed, you must build your base, recruit troops that nothing can stop and challenge other players to win the battles. Plant decor. While the Galactic civil war is raging, the forces opposing need allies. The Rebellion fights for justice and freedom while the Empire seeks to control the Galaxy. You will need to choose one of the two camps to attack the other. Each has its own specificities.
To successfully defeat the enemy, need to train his troops, a task more important which can take some time. When launched in the fight, it will be battle to send the proper number of soldiers in order not to lose the battle from the outset. Point to note, special missions are to find on different planets present in the game.

Star Wars: Order is available for free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Lucasfilm recommend playing from an iPhone 4S or iPad IOS 7 for a better experience. If you play on an iPhone 4, loading may be longer and reduced performance

Are Hearthstone Bots Real ?

Today we analyse the possibility that thousands of Hearthstone players may be using bots 

Are Hearthstone Bots Real

Death Prince 2/8-servant with derision for 3 mana. His death rattle allows the opponent to take a card from the deck in the game. The map is much stronger than any other spotter for 3 mana. Normally this is certainly the bear with 3 / 3 or similar cards. 2 / 8 and derision is the hammer. However, the downside weighs heavily. The death rattle could ensure if the opponent has a removal, that early is a really strong opponent servant in the game. As the trend of such "Maxi" decks rather goes away, the card could be extremely strong. If the opponents of course by a Prince of death kill then a 8-Mana +-servant can play, one is located at the other end of a sequence of cards, which appears under "Paul" on youtube and is backed with K-pop quickly. From the stats here yet: incredibly strong card. Are hearthstone bots real? Whats your opinion?

Baron death oath röcheln death leaves a 1/7-servants for 4 Mana, which double the own servants. Sure no arena map, but to use only in the sanctioned and then only for certain decks. You want to see here featured cards from the military district all with dead code. Cards prey hamster, leprosy-GNOME and the usual Kropp stuff like blood hoof, however, all the better. Here can you get for 4 Mana properly value. The stats are but weak and the map could be simply wegezergt without that something happened for 4 mana. In some decks and situations perhaps just as valuable as the auctioneer, but since have decks around them must be installed. As it seems hearthstone bots are already a reality, you can find such programs on website like were people can download it for free.

The map is there upon successful completion of the military district to normal.

Reincarnation - a shaman magic for 2 mana. Destroy target creature and she returns with full life. A strong, situational map, but also the right combination needed to shine.

Hearthstone card LeerruferLeerrufer a Warlock-minion 3/4 for 4 Mana, which gets a random server from your hand onto the battlefield as a death rattle. The stats are below par for 4 mana. The card is worth only in a demon deck and you played little at the moment. If the meta in Hearthstone changes, the map could be attractive. Rather weak at the moment.

It is not yet clear whom Warlocks and shamans with a fixed deck umbrezeln need to, so that they get the cards.

Clash of Clans Resource Cheats

The best cheat codes for Clash of Clans Resources

Clash of Clans Resource Cheats

Holy guacamole!! Supercell has again today given a little insight in the upcoming changes by Clash of Clans and there's going to be a mega change arrive! The barbarians King and Queen get Archer an extreme makeover. Our heroes are so enormous that they even have an explanation made more than 10-minute movie! Looking for legit ways to generate resources for free ?

The barbarians can no longer be King and Queen lured Archer
One of the biggest changes is that the barbarians are no longer triggered by Archer King and Queen one male in their movement circle and then behind every new set of us all. They are now only active if males come in their movement circle. The troop is diverted by the heroes or another line of work, then they stay near their altar and not across the field they go running after the other forces.

The new defensive strategy of the barbarian King and Archer Queen means that everyone must be looking to a new attack strategy. The default trigger with a male strategy to attack the heroes and lure them to a corner to massacre them, that works so no longer. Again holy guacamole!!

King of barbarians to Archer's Queen to Damage Tank & specialist?
A few other adjustments are:

Life and damage of the lower levels Barbarians King and Archer Queen are going up.
Life and damage of the upper levels Barbarians King and Archer Queen goes down because they are acting more like a verdedigingwerk go.

Activate the iron fist at the barbarians King takes care of slight recovery in life points. And more Barbarians at activation.
Activate the Royal Mantle at the Archer Queen allows for slight recovery in life points. And more archers at activation.
At activation of the iron fist at the barbarians King he goes more like a tank through the field. No idea how exactly will look like...
At activation of the Royal Mantle at the Archer brings it more damage by Queen.

The effect of Healing spells and Healers on the barbarians King and Archer Queen is even less. The effect was already less than other troops. Get the resource generator and start pwning your enemies online without mercy.

The jump spell is also addressed in the new update. The jump spell is more effective, despite the fact that the number of tiles range something goes down. And more good news, there comes a new level at the jump, so you can spell upgrade to level 3.

How does the new Jump spell?
You had to Jump at the old spell males in the range of the spell in order to jump over the walls. At the new Jump spell does this work the same, but the troops in the neighborhood will be faster from itself to the arrival of people to spell over the walls to jump.

It is not that the spell has an attraction, it's more that troops will make use of it if that route is faster than useless against a wall to RAM.