Insurgency Review

One of the best FPS games of the Year - Insurgency complete Review

Half-life 2, a game that almost every PC gamer is close to your heart. From this masterpiece are many mods gushed forth, including Insurgency. Seven years after the mod, brings New World Interactive via Steam from the new, improved and perfect version. Insurgency is a tactical first person shooter, a genre that has become so popular, that in the meantime this shooter games nowadays as weeds from the ground shooting. There are a lot of bad in between, but the Insurgency is what you are looking for that one little flower in that bunch of weeds.

Value for the team

The "Security vs Terrorists" and the Arabic design of the maps is nothing unique. The graphic style of the game is dated, but those little problems melt like snow in the Sun when you Insurgency begins to play. Just like in real life, you can collect a warehouse in Insurgency not bullets for you then eventually dies. One or two shots is enough in most cases. This realism and the different classes that you can choose, provide in-depth gunfights, where teamwork is crucial. Like a headless chicken running around and trying to get down as many enemies as possible, will be fatal for both yourself as your team. By the wide variety of classes, each individual's value to the team.

Enthusiastic team play

The realism is increased even further by the absence of a minimap or radar, only lenses and the number of warehouses that you have at your disposal, are visible. Friendly fire is on, so you have no idea or you will be shot at by the enemy or by a little too enthusiastic teammate. The whole interface is stripped to just and only the much needed. The realism in the Insurgency creates tension and feel that danger lurks around every corner.

That seems to me to be careful in Insurgency, meanwhile, clearly, but it doesn't end there. The Tactical Operations modes in Insurgency use ' permanent death '. That means that if you die, you effectively does not come back and have to wait on the sidelines until your team an objective conquers or destroys. The Sustained Combat modes are slightly smoother with the reinforcements you get. There are more ways to get reinforcements.

Insurgency uses a unique squad-system. You can choose from a number of classes, each of which can choose from other weapons and explosives. By snipers and rocket launchers and shotguns to C4, everything is there. You can customize everything in your ' loadout ', but but up to a certain weight limit. This allows for extensive customization, whereby you can equip your soldier to your preference.

Minor Flaws

Insurgency is a game with enormous potential. The graphic side of the story leave some to be desired and there are still some glitches here and there, but that is New World Interactive instantly forgiven. They bring with the Insurgency a topper on the market, that excels in teamwork and intense firefights. I hope for the future on more of this and I'm already looking forward to it enormously.